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ed una gamma completa
di macchinari per la trasformazione
delle piante officinali/medicinali.


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Table 3 Responses so you can questions relating to influence on dating due in order to drowsiness and you can effects on companion due to snoring

To possess studies about your many years, body mass index (BMI), average ESS scores, average FOSQ-step step 10 ratings, and you can severity classifications toward analysis inhabitants, come across Dining table 1.

Desk step 1 Ages, body mass index, median Epworth Drowsiness Level, and average Functional Effects of Bed Survey 10 score and you can seriousness categories getting investigation society.

Table step 1 Decades, body mass index, average Epworth Drowsiness Level, and median Functional Ramifications of Sleep Survey ten scores and you may seriousness categories having data society.

Table 2 Reported thoughts away from excess weakness, challenge focusing on account of drowsiness, difficulty recalling on account of sleepiness, depression, and sleep problems during the data society.

Dining table dos Said thoughts regarding continuously exhaustion, challenge focusing because of drowsiness, difficulty remembering because of drowsiness, despair, and you can sleep problems within the research populace.

Affect Relationships (Desk step 3)

Of your 744 customers, many years is actually submitted getting 98.9% away from patients (letter = 736). Body mass index was registered getting 94.4% off professionals (letter = 702); 82.7% out of customers done the brand new FOSQ-ten (letter = 615). I learned that there was zero statistical difference in ages (P = .47), Body mass index (P = .2), and gender (P = .6) anywhere between those who performed and didn't finish the FOSQ-10.


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